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Web Survey and Analytical Reports


Our client was using a survey to initiate the sale of their professional services. The survey was manually collected and sent to another service company for scoring. The scoring was sent to the client several days after completion via email.

Automation of the survey reduced time, costs, and created value for the potential customer. The results are available immediately and are compared with all others who have taken the survey. It also gives visual or where they scored well and not-so-well.

This reduced costs and made a huge impact on their client base and revenue.

  • 30+ questions
  • Summary page with scoring applied to each question and averaged across category
  • Total scores compared across 3 different groups
  • Administrative capabilities
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Automated Application Management


Our client needs to automate an application and the review and approval process. This will reduce costs and increase accuracy in judging the applicants content. By reducing review time it will increase the time allocated to the applicants for reworking the application.

  • 60+ questions for scoring across 10 categories
  • Automated scoring calculation and comparison
  • Manage multi-reviewer processing
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