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Survey Solution

Survey Solution from CorvusIT ….

  • Collect customer habits and interests….

  • Make your website more interactive…

  • Customers can self assess and compare!

Surveys are a great way to engage and learn from customers. Integration into your website creates brand awareness.

The industry standard solution is great for individuals who want to survey their closest colleagues. Integrating a solution into your branding scheme is a powerful message to customers – your business means business! Using the Corvus IT solution we can build an integrated platform that is secure, reliable, and shows off your brand image. The Survey Solution platform supports a multitude of question types such as radio button, numeric to show interest or readiness level, and simple yes/no. Tabulated results allow the user to quantify their answers to other survey takers.

Survey Sample

This is a sample of the survey summary page. Results of the survey are tabulated and organized into categories, and compared to others who have taken the survey.